Jennifer Granholm’s Economic Advice

by Mike on December 10, 2010

in Economy,Politics

Outgoing Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has a written an article for the gossip website Politico in which she offers Americans advice on ho to grow the economy.  Predictably, Granholm proposes a red green approach involving cooperation between government and the private sector in pursuing alternative energy projects.  Missing from Granholm’s article is how her approach failed during her tenure as Governor of Michigan.  No worries though.  Michigan Capitol Confidential gives us a nice starting point on the results of Granholm’s approach on the state level.

The fact of the matter is that government involvement in the programs Granholm desires is unnecessary and counterproductive.  If a technology is viable or potentially viable, the private sector will find a way to develop and deliver that technology to the public and will do it more efficiently than the government could ever dream of doing.  If not, then throwing taxpayer dollars at the projects is akin to flushing money down the toilet, which is where Michigan’s economy is after eight years of Granholm in the Governor’s mansion.

Thanks for the advice Governor, but I think it’s worth what we paid for it.

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