Obama: Send in the Clowns

by Ryan on December 11, 2010

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If there’s one thing all Democrats and attractive women in politics know, it’s that you can’t say no to Bill Clinton.  So, in Obama’s darkest moment in the eyes of his kook base, he summoned Bill Clinton to save the day:

So, I guess we’re all supposed to be nostalgic for the 1990s and accept Bill Clinton as the real authority on all things economic.  First, Clinton trashed the meaningful part of the tax cut extension like Obama, then moved on to tell the fringe to accept it as the best possible compromise in a Washington rife with partisanship.  Just like the old Bill — being a partisan hack while convincing you he’s the one being reasonable.

Then an amazing thing happened:  Obama high-tailed out of there to meet up with Michelle, leaving Bill to be the de facto leader of the Democrat Party instructing them (and the press) what to think in their time of crisis.  It’s one thing to channel Bill Clinton in speeches and approach, it’s another to make him your actual media proxy during a political crisis.

Maybe this could be the first new Republican campaign commercial of the 2012 Elections – Obama on leadership… whine, wimp out, then ask Bill Clinton!

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