Did Harriet Harman Ever Tell You You’re Her Hero? Good.

by Mike on December 13, 2010

in Politics,UK Politics

When you think of the word “hero,” what comes to mind?  Sully Sullenberger gliding a commercial jet on the Hudson River to save the lives of every one on board?  A soldier risking his life in some foreign war zone to protect our freedom?  A fire fighter rushing into a burning building to save an old lady?  Of course, a person doesn’t necessarily have to risk life and limb to earn the designation.  We’ve all heard people who think of their own parents as heroes for going to difficult jobs day in day out so they could provide their families with opportunities they never had.  Whatever your definition of a hero may be, I guarantee you it is not the same as Harriet Harman’s.

Harman (or as British anti-feminazis call her, Harperson) is the Deputy Leader of Britain’s left-wing opposition Labour Party.  According to her, a hero is someone who emigrates to her country, collects welfare benefits, and then sends the money they didn’t earn to relatives living outside the country.

As for you people who work every day, that tax bill is looking a little low.

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