Omnibus Disaster Looms

by Ryan on December 14, 2010

in Economy,Election 2010,Politics

Just when you thought the 2010 Election made your wallet a little more safe, there’s a new 1924-page spending bill lurking in the lame duck Congress, ready to pounce upon the Senate.  Why the rush?  Well, this Saturday the federal government will shutdown if not funded through the end of the fiscal year (part of the problem when Congress doesn’t bother passing a budget!).

Some Republicans are outraged that this bill has been thrown at them without benefit of a debate or filibuster rules, and without an opportunity to read it unless they stay up all night, read and understand an average of 53-pages an hour for 40 straight hours!!!  Some Republicans are completely irate;  others are sadly cool with the pork.

All this while the tax-issue still lingers.

This lame duck session seems more and more like the Dems are unabashedly perpetrating economic violence upon the American people for not reelecting them last month.  I understand that the Dems and RINOs need to bribe their ever shrinking constituencies before the adults arrive in early January, but this is getting ridiculous!

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