Scarborough Fair on MSNBC Today

by Mike on December 14, 2010

in Media Bias,Politics

The mainstream media’s liberal bias has never been more blatant than it’s been since Barack Obama started running for president.  That said, the media’s bias can often be subtle even in this age of “objective journalists” experiencing leg tingles every time the Chosen One reads from the teleprompter.  Even though media bias appears in many forms, liberal journalists tend to resort to just a handful of tricks to deliver their leftist message in a seemingly objective report.

In the following clip, from MSNBC of all places, Joe Scarborough reminds us of one the media’s oldest tricks.

Those who disagree with the media’s liberal worldview get the ideological or partisan label, the implication being that their views should be discounted.  Those who agree with the media’s liberal worldview don’t get labeled, so you can take what they say to the bank.  The goal is to discredit conservatives without actually refuting their arguments.  Even Jon Meachem of Newsweek . . . fame? . . . doesn’t deny it.

Media bias isn’t that big a deal as far as political junkies are concerned.  Liberals cheer the media on and conservatives see them as the frauds they are.  The real danger of media bias is the effect on casual consumers of news.  In that case, people are attempting to inform themselves, but can actually become misinformed in the process.

Hat tip:  Hot Air

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