DREAM Act Nightmare Ends For Now

by Ryan on December 19, 2010

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Yesterday, the Senate failed to get enough cloture votes on the so-called DREAM Act, the latest door to blanket amnesty.  Thus, with the calender running out and still so much to do in this lame duck session (which is absolutely ridiculous to begin with since the people have spoken and we rejected their progressive statist agenda), the DREAM Act is likely shelved until the Republicans screw things up again and likely lose Congress in 2-4 years or so.  Think about this though:  notice how everyone calls it the “DREAM Act” when “acts” are already law and this thing is just a “bill”?  Hmm…

The DREAM Act bill would essentially allow the non-American-born children of illegal aliens to have in-state tuition to whatever college in whichever state they happen to be illegally residing in and/or be allowed to join the military in order to gain citizenship.  The provisions are, of course, just for kids, but as it turns out “children” means up to age 29!

The truth is, the Democrats see us all as children, plus they need to purchase future voters and believe the nonsense that America can avoid our inevitable Entitlement Crisis if we merely increase our population enough to counterbalance the fiscal gaps.  In both cases, the Democrat political agenda is advanced at the expense of logic, sound reasoning, and sovereignty.

For the record, Lisa Murkowski voted for the DREAM Act, as well as the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” yesterday — way to go Alaska.

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