NYC Snow Removal Disaster

by Ryan on December 29, 2010

in Politics,Stupid government

If you live in the Northeast (or traveling through one of our airports), you know how inconveniencing blizzards around the holidays can be.  New Jersey got nailed pretty bad (18-22″ or so), but so did New York.  Like nearly all major winter storms, this nasty storm was forecast days in advance to hit Sunday afternoon.  However, it’s Wednesday afternoon and still large swaths of NYC have not yet been plowed.

Then there’s this popular video of a bulldozer nailing a city car, just angering people more (start at 1:09 for the crunching):

Some have commented that it wasn’t a private citizen’s car, it belonged to the city, so quit whining about it or anything else — Mayor Bloomberg’s trying.  Given how much New Yorkers are taxed and how much of their lives are regulated, I’d be just as irate about this video no matter whose car it was!  It’s an epitome of what is coalescing into an anti-Bloomberg sentiment around the five boroughs.

Talk-radio has been having a field day with the idea that statist Bloomberg has time to ponder regulating smoking, cell phone/iPod use on the sidewalk, trans-fats in private restaurants, but apparently, not enough resources/time available for dealing with a storm the city knew about days in advance!  Great point.

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