The Story of 2010

by Ryan on December 31, 2010

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2010 seems to have flown by, but for many reasons I’m glad it’s just about gone.  As far as pinpointing the Story of the Year, I’m pretty sure the general consensus would be the President signing Obama Care into law for its contemporary weight and future implications.

After the failed near trillion dollar stimulus coupled with a double-digit unemployment spike, the Democrat’s newest idea for a statist fiscal time bomb (some kind of foot-in-the-door socialized health care) was too much for those of us paying attention.  The health care debate in late 2009 solidified the resolve of those us who attended the town hall meetings that summer.  With last December’s “Louisiana Purchase” and “Cornhusker Kickback” the people saw how sausage was made and were repulsed.

In spite of the public’s wishes and interest, on March 23, 2010 the trillion dollar (over 10 years, six of those with coverage, without adding a dime to the deficit, right?) time bomb became law, unifying the conservative opposition, exposing the two faces of many Democrats, giving renewed energy to the Tea Party, angering Independents, and leading to the second most important story of the year:  November’s historic election.

That being said, 2010 has just hours left here in the snowlands of Jersey.  I hope you had a great year and that 2011 is even better!

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