Early Pessimism about the New Republican Congress

by Ryan on January 2, 2011

in Election 2010,Media Bias,Politics

Only two days into 2011 and with two days until the Republicans actually take over the House of Representatives, here’s a story from Fox News that pessimistically poses the Republicans as likely failures:  they won’t get along with Obama;  they will under-deliver on their promised cuts;  they won’t be able to maintain discipline even within their own ranks;  and the economy could collapse if they don’t figure something out.

While that’s all probably true, the article presupposes that government gridlock and inaction is automatically a bad thing.  The American people did not vote for partisan cooperation in November, they voted for gridlock!  Divided partisan government has been a hallmark of US politics since the 1950s, with a few exceptions here and there.  The American people don’t like power-crazed partisans without checks.  We voted for checks.

The premise and attitude of this piece is skewed unlike what one usually reads on Fox.  New direction or under-paid holiday staff?  Neither, I hope.  Upon closer inspection, though, this is in fact an AP article Fox just republished as a headline story.  Weak, Fox News, very weak.

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