Paul Ryan’s “Renege” Merely MSM Goading

by Ryan on January 5, 2011

in Economy,Election 2010,Media Bias,Politics

As the first few hours of the new Republican House sink in, the New York Times has already taken the opportunity to pounce on Paul Ryan, the new budget committee chair, on scaling back the promised $100 billion cuts laid out in the “Pledge to America”.

Ryan told the MSM today that there’s no planned renege;  that we’re half-way through this fiscal year so the $100 billion number must wait until next fiscal year when the Republicans have true control over the budget’s direction.  It’s not a renege, it’s a slight delay due to the budget’s calender;  one last punch from the 111th Congress.

This story seems designed as a move by the Times to frustrate the Tea Party and reward Republican capitulation on tough budgetary items while getting national up-and-comers like Paul Ryan on the defense early.  The Republican House will be relentlessly assaulted by MSM attacks whether they are real, fake or merely implied.  So, this new Congress will need to quickly learn how to defend itself or the MSM will set the agenda for them.

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