Boehner vs. the CBO

by Ryan on January 6, 2011

in Economy,Health Care,Media Bias,Politics

I like how the Republicans are not getting the kid-glove treatment from anyone these days — it’s straight to the knives!   The symbolic move to repeal Obama Care is getting some on guard.  The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) scored the projected cost of NOT spending over $1 trillion over ten years for six years of Obama Care coverage as actually ADDING $230 billion to the deficit!  Huh?  Eh?  Er?  Uh oh — face frozen on quizzical look!

Immediately Speaker Boehner (ah, so nice to put the word “Speaker” in front of a word that’s not “Pelosi”!) rejected the figure saying that it’s based only on projections the CBO are given.  Speaker Boehner forgot to mention that Obama and the CBO had a “chat” back in 2009 about the old Obama Care projections, which coincidentally looked more and more rosy afterward (less “trillion”, more “billion“), but us Tea Party folks have long memories — we’ve seen the CBO’s blind defense of this policy in action before.

I like that Speaker Boehner is not going to let the Obama Nation label him without a fight.  May this approach turn into a trend.

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