Representative Gabrielle Giffords Shot

by Mike on January 8, 2011

in Politics

Tragic news is breaking right now.  Congressman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) Arizona has been murdered shot.  She was holding a town hall meeting with constituents at a Tuscon Safeway when a gunman shot her and several other victims.  Details are still trickling out.

This is horrible news.  We send our prayers to Congressman Giffords, all the other victims, and their families as well.  May the victims rest in peace.

UPDATE: Headline changed for now.  Details are trickling out and this may be a good one (relatively speaking).  According to one Fox News source, Rep. Giffords is still alive; she’s in critical condition, but the source says she is alive.

UPDATE 2: Tuscon’s University Medical Center is reporting that Rep. Giffords is in critical condition and still in surgery.  Prayers up.

UPDATE 3: Rep. Giffords is responding to doctors.  Hospital officials are optimistic about her chances of recovery.  This is one strong woman.

UPDATE 4: The Anchoress’ Twitter feed is a great source of information and perspective on this story.

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Ryan January 8, 2011 at 6:39 pm

Unfortunately, as a sign of the times, a number of news outlets are saying “bipartisan” condolences and support for her recovery is coming in. Why can’t the press accept that there be a united outcry against the act and support for her health without having to make her a partisan member of Congress?


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