Your Zodiac Sign is Wrong!

by Ryan on January 11, 2011

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Maybe.  As it turns out, the ancient astrologers did get something wrong:  when one factors in the slight wobble in our planet’s axis our astrological zodiac signs may be off by at least a month!  Ancient Babylonians are credited with forming the modern 12-sign Western zodiac model, whose symbols have changed over the millennia into the 12 we have today.  However, as that development took place, the wobbling was factored into the many (and sometimes ambiguous) traits one’s sign demonstrates anyway.

So if you actually do buy into astrology I wouldn’t worry too much about turning into a Libra tomorrow because if that were the case and everything’s off by so much, then doesn’t that admit this was all a pile of crap to begin with?

Truthfully, I thought they would have held off making a big deal about this until after the 2012 Winter Solstice, when a large number of putzes think that the world will end.  Really — why mess with any of this New Age stuff until after the big day?  Think of all the lost putz money!

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