License Plates for Bikes?

by Mike on January 13, 2011

in Politics,Stupid government

Let’s add cycling to the list of activities that liberals want to stick their noses into.  New Jersey State Rep. Cleopatra Tucker (Guess which party) has proposed legislation requiring all bicycles to be registered with the state.  The registration fee would be $10.00 every two years and cyclists without a plate would be fined $100.00.

So why would the State of New Jersey want to require a kid’s bike to have a license plate?  Imagine the scene:

Hey officer, some eight year old with a toy gun just rode his bike past my house without wearing a helmet.  He said something about operating a lemonade stand without a permit.  I tried to stop him, but he was too fast.  Thankfully I got his plate number.  Could you run it?  The plate number, Jersey plate obviously, was FME08FU12.

The only plausible motivation for the bill is that Cleopatra thinks New Jersey residents don’t send enough of their paychecks to Trenton.  Unless this is just another piece of evidence that liberals believe human beings are incapable or undeserving of doing anything without the state’s seal of approval.

I hope they pass the bill, but only so I can see Chris Christie’s veto message on Youtube.

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