Obama Looking to Focus on Education

by Ryan on January 15, 2011

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Well, after the “shellacking” his party took in the polls nationwide last November, it seems President Obama finally understands what the American people really wanted him to focus on:  the economy education reform!

The Republican “Pledge” made no mention of education reform because to the American people it’s all about jobs, cutting spending and our broader economic health.

Plus, education reform will not work.  The Department of Education is too top-heavy and should be phased out.  But the government feeds on itself and our tax dollars, so real changes will not even be on the table, just some tinkering with No Child Left Behind.

I’m a public school teacher and can see the problem first-hand:  we don’t teach math and science vigorously or early enough;  we spend too much time teaching sentimental Romance languages rather than practical ones like Chinese and Arabic (or how about English grammar, omg!);  history is void of depth, analysis and even facts;  and while God has left our public schools, His replacement idol has become “self-esteem” — our kids are as dumb as dirt, but damn it they feel good about themselves!

Our schools mostly reward attendance and keeping parents acquiescent by socially promoting their kids or by just plain lowering the bar.  So, while our politicians tinker and embrace trendy solutions like the laughable and transparent “21st Century Skills” joke, our kids suffer.  If you want to fix education in America, phase out the Department of Ed and let the states innovate and improve our kid’s education closer to where the problems exist.

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