House Passes Obama Care Repeal

by Ryan on January 19, 2011

in Election 2010,Health Care,Politics

The vote was 245 to 189 — every Republican and three Democrats just voted to repeal the Obama Care monstrosity.  In contrast, the vote to pass Obama Care last year was 219-212, with no Republican support and with over thirty Democrats voting against its passage.

Given Harry Reid’s dominion over the Senate and with Obama not going sign any repeal into law, I still think this was a sound symbolic vote.  The people’s will was expressed in the 2010 Election. Part of that mandate was to act on the Republican’s promise to vote on repeal.  Check.

So, as early as tomorrow the GOP will offer streamlined, common-sense (we hope) replacements for it.  Keep making the Dems defend their status quo position and this repeal thing might just happen by 2013.

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