George Allen to Run for Senate

by Sal on January 24, 2011

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George Allen

Former Virginia Senator George Allen (R-VA) is seeking to reclaim the Senate seat that he formerly occupied until 2006, before being defeated by current Senator Jim Web (D-VA).  Allen made some mistakes in the 2006 campaign which cost him the race, although he was caught up in the anti-GOP wave of that election as well.  He only lost to Webb by 10,000 votes, and considering Virginia’s shift back to the right, he stands a good chance winning in 2012.

Allen’s road to victory won’t be smooth sailing, however.  Already he has a primary challenger in Jamie Radtke, who is backed by some elements of the Tea Party movement.  There is the brewing anti-Allen campaign from the usual suspects, trying to flex their muscles and get a virtual unknown nominated instead.  In this case, I think that they are misguided.  Allen is a popular figure in Virginia, he only lost to Webb by 10,000 votes, and must importantly, he is a rock-solid Conservative.  In fact, up until he lost in 2006, he was my personal favorite for being the GOP’s Presidential nominee.

I am glad to see Allen back in politics, and am fairly confident that he will defeat Radtke and sail on to win back the Virginia Senate seat.  I just hope that my fellow Conservatives don’t undeservedly drag his name through the mud first.

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