Polish Communist Version of Monopoly

by Mike on January 25, 2011

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I’ve always been amazed at our Polish friends’ sense of history.  Back when I visited Gdansk in 2003, I went to the Solidarity Museum with a group of Poles and Americans.*  Inside was a room-sized exhibit set up as a Communist-era grocery store.  After taking in the sites of almost bare shelves and a beverage section filled with bottles of vinegar, we began to make way into another room.  At that point, one of our Polish friends stopped us, and animatedly told us that the communist grocery store exhibit was an accurate depiction of Polish life under Soviet occupation.  She clearly never forgot the economic consequences of communism that she experienced first hand and wanted to make sure no else did either.

Keeping with that tradition of never forgetting history, Poland’s National Remembrance Institute has invented a board game to remind people of the bad old days under Communism.  Set up like Monopoly, players are given tasks that would be routine but for the state-created obstacles.  For example,

Players try to buy basic goods but food supplies run out before they reach the counter. If a bed is needed, they may be offered stools instead. Players needing the shop’s last pair of shoes can get edged out by someone holding a “mother with small child” or “friend in government” card.

Poles old enough to remember communism are all too aware that a government intrusive enough to meet every one of your needs will inevitably inhibit your ability to take care of yourself, unless your in charge of course.  It’s good to see that Poland remembers that awful chapter of its past and is determined to never repeat it.

*I’ve told this story on Axis of Right before, but it is worth repeating.

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