This Isn’t 1996

by Sal on January 25, 2011

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One of the narratives in the State-run media is that 2012 will be like 1996.  After losing both houses of Congress in 1994, Clinton tacked to the center, and went on to win re-election.  The State-run media contends that this scenario will play out with Barack Obama.  However, an article over at the blog Baseball Crank illustrates why this won’t be the case. Some of the points made in the post:

  • The economy is far worse today and shows little sign of rebounding enough
  • ObamaCare actually passed; HillaryCare did not.
  • Clinton had both Houses of Congress as a foil.  Today, the Democrats still control the Senate
  • Bob Dole was a terrible candidate

There are many other good points made, and the whole post is worth a read.  The circumstances in 2011 are different than they were in 1995.  So, while Obama may very well win re-election, the circumstances are different enough from 1995 that he also may very well be defeated.

H/T: Instapundit

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Ryan January 25, 2011 at 6:22 pm

While I think it’s a little early to guess at the national dynamic going into the 2012 Election, I do agree it won’t be like 1996. If it’s in Obama’s favor, it’ll be like 1948. If it’s in the nation’s best interest and we pay our cards right, it could be like 1932 (in reverse — under a Republican Administration the Dems took back the House and all but one seat in the Senate in the 1930 midterms).


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