SOTU Anti-Bounce?

by Sal on January 27, 2011

in Politics

It remains to be seen where the numbers will play out, but thus far they are not looking good for Barack Obama.  As of Tuesday night, before the State of the Union, Obama had a 52% approval, 47% disapproval rating, with an approval index of -5.  Today, which incorporates 33% of respondents post-SOTU and 66% of respondents pre-SOTU, Obama’s approval has dropped to 47% approval, 51% disapproval, with an approval index of -11.

That’s a pretty drastic swing for two days.  It remains to be seen how it fleshes out over the next two days.  Tomorrow’s results will include 67% of respondents post-SOTU, and Saturday’s results will be all post-SOTU.  But the initial trend makes it seem as if America is not buying Obama’s B.S.  The idea of “Government Investments” is seen by many as code for “massive spending”, and the idea of government being innovative is an oxymoron to most voters.

Source: Rasmussen Reports

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Mike January 27, 2011 at 11:44 am

It could a Tucson bounce wearing off too. Either way, people didn’t suddenly change their minds and say “Hey, maxing out our nation’s credit cards is a really good idea. Thanks, Obama!”


Ryan January 27, 2011 at 12:36 pm

@ Mike:

Apparently the number of people who watched the WTF Speech was Obama’s personal low, so I think you have a great point about Tuscon.


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