“National Greatness Liberalism”

by Ryan on January 28, 2011

in Economy,History,Media Bias,Politics

Reading a Weekly Standard piece this morning criticizing Obama’s SOTU as hidebound 1960s bilge, I came across a phrase I hadn’t noticed before, “national greatness liberalism”, which was how some libs view Obama’s underlying approach.  After seeing those three words in such an order I had a good laugh!  I figured why don’t they just be honest, call it “national socialism”, and openly embrace their corporatist ways (19th Century corporatism‘s modern form is given the p.c. name “crony capitalism” nowadays).  But then again being honest about their motives has rarely been the Left’s m.o.

Well, I looked up “national greatness liberalism’ (ha!) and found out that it is essentially progressive statism repackaged for the new global economy.  Though borrowed from the phrase “national greatness conservatism” which seemed to be the philosophical center-piece of McCain’s 2000 campaign, its echoes of big government activism reminded me a little of “compassionate conservatism”, which we now know was just code for Republicans spending like liberals.

In contrast, NGL is just liberals spending like liberals.  Put simply:  second verse, same as the first.

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