Mubarak Can Kill the Internet, So Why Can’t Obama?

by Ryan on January 31, 2011

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Talk about a complete lack of political tact!  Last year Joe Lieberman introduced legislation (co-sponsored by the very special Senator Susan Collins from Maine) which would give the President “broad emergency powers” to disable the Internet in case of a “national emergency”.  You know, just like the powers Dictator President Mubarak has been exercising in Egypt this past week!

Not only is their timing terrible because of the headlines, it’s also coming at a nadir in public trust of the government.  Newsflash to Lieberman and Collins:  the seemingly endless power-grab by the executive branch ended with the old 111th Congress a few weeks ago!  Also, given the government’s propensity on these kinds of things, this is really only a foot-in-the-door to regulating what’s on the Internet one day.

Graciously, this kind of thing isn’t going to fly in the House.  Plus in a democratic republic this preemptive attempt to silence dissent reeks of soft tyranny:  a kinder, gentler “for your safety” approach which diminishes our freedom and puts an all-knowing, all-caring government in charge of determining what constitutes an “emergency” for our own perceived benefit is scary and should be defeated in Congress.

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