Viral Video: Johnny McEntee, Trick Shot QB

by Mike on February 11, 2011

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Lots of other blogs are posting it, so why shouldn’t we?  In this video, UConn backup QB Johnny McEntee performs some trick shots to the tunes of M.I.A. and MGMT.

Hat tip:  Hot Air

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rightonoz February 11, 2011 at 7:45 pm

If you want trick shots, search for video of the All Blacks (NZ’s National Rugby Union †Team, doing tricks – Spectacular! Here’s one, there are others out there..
Rugby Union is of course REAL football, where the game lasts for 80 minutes of REAL action (as opposed to 2 hours for 20 minutes of play in American football, no helmets, padding etc – I still have scars to prove my manhood! (sorry guys- American Football is a show – a good show, but still a show, not a man’s game). No swapping of teams every time the game changes a bit, if you go on the field at the start of the game, you stay till the end unless injured and unable to play.

Unfortunately our largest local stadium was under 3 yards of water during the recent floods, so not a lot of rugby being played there yet.


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