Union Showdown in Wisconsin

by Ryan on February 17, 2011

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Like many other states around the nation getting serious about their long-term fiscal solvency, Wisconsin is on the verge of making profound changes to their state and municipal worker health and pension benefit system.  Like New Jersey, the teacher unions are getting the most attention because they can cause the most immediate and widespread disruption.  However, teachers aren’t the only ones being affected or joining the protests.  About 20,000 showed up yesterday and more protests are planned for today.  Madison has canceled school for a second day in a row.  Even students across the state are staging “walk-outs” in solidarity with their teachers (what a joke!).

Jersey had a similar issue last year:  granted Governor Christie’s proposals weren’t as profound as those proposed in Wisconsin, but the NJ unions predictably flipped out.  However, there was some subterfuge as to what the Trenton rally was really about and I exposed that here at AOR last May.  Let’s face it, everyone’s suffering in the Obama economy.

Like fire and police departments, teachers provide a necessary public service.  However, they work for the local municipalities and are subject to budget fluctuations, as well as contribute to the state pension system, which like Social Security was likely set up as a giant Ponzi scheme.  That is the reality.  Also, in order to keep infrastructure functioning in Wisconsin, Governor Walker may have to call out the National Guard.  How does that help the union’s cause when kids aren’t being supervised and prisons might lose their guards to the protests?

It doesn’t.  The unions will shout for a few days, but at the end of their ranting the economic crisis still remains.  In that environment, the government employee unions will lose every time.

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