Where are all the Dems in Madison?

by Ryan on February 17, 2011

in Economy,Election 2010,Law,Politics

As the union crisis grows in Madison, Wisconsin, another development bears watching:  all 14 Democrats in the Wisconsin state legislature have left the state in a procedural move to prevent the public employee benefit reform vote from even taking place!  Some of the more obnoxious protesters and their supporters have compared Governor Walker to Hosni Mubarak… but whose party is preventing democracy and debate from taking place?  Oh, right — they are!

In the spirit of the “new civility” in American politics, there have been some other signs comparing Walker to Hitler, others with crosshairs taking aim at Walker, others asking for “political” death to Walker, and so on.

In the end, a backlash will likely develop.  All the stunts and hyperbole won’t change people’s minds, especially since at the end of the day these radicals are ultimately asking the people of Wisconsin to use their hard-earned tax money to subsidize someone else’s continued easy ride.  In essence:  a “screw you to help me” message really won’t fly in these economic times.

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