Libya: The Next Domino

by Ryan on February 21, 2011

in History,International Relations,Media Bias,Tyranny

The chaos enveloping the Middle East is approaching the breaking point in Libya.  Libyan dictator and retro-fashionista Muamar Qaddafi (or Gadhafi or Gaddafi), their leader since a 1969 coup overthrew a monarch, may have fled the country and is possibly en route to Venezuela, leaving his son behind who promises to fight “until the last bullet“.  At least 200 are estimated to have already died in the unrest — which is still a bit less than the 365 estimated dead in the Egyptian protests, but it’s still early.

Libya appears ready to be the next domino to fall to a Mideast mob rule “democracy” movement.  I understand that people living under a military dictatorship have very little recourse when demanding change from their politicians, but there is no real democratic tradition to replace these old dictators should they be ousted.  With very few exceptions, revolutions like this usually end up with a brand new cast in the same old parts so they can create order from the chaos.

If Qaddafi’s regime survives this, it will be weak to the point of inviting perpetual challenge.   If it doesn’t, we’ll see what emerges from the ashes, if it resembles “democracy” at all.

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