Ditch Daniels?

by Ryan on February 23, 2011

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Fresh off of an excellent CPAC speech just a few weeks ago, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels seems to have caved on Indiana’s right-to-work legislation at perhaps the worst possible time.  Unfortunately, in heated times nuance often gets lost.  Politicians need to understand that, especially those who have 2012 Presidential buzz surrounding them.

Daniels doesn’t like the controversial bill because it also targets private sector unions (a point the GOP did not run on last November) as well as the public ones — a position he has stated in the past that he will not endorse wholeheartedly just yet.  Intramural fights like this, especially in the midst of Democrat and union antics, show weakness.  Supposing Daniels is the leader of his state’s GOP, how did this even happen?  Not good.

Recent polling data suggests that the public doesn’t like taking some collective bargaining powers from any union.  That tells me the Left is starting to win the public relations battle as the GOP’s message is getting lost out there in the weeds of nuance.  That’s unfortunate because unless there’s major public sector reform our nation’s economic future remains dire.  As for Daniels, his actions in Indiana only help to encourage his opposition in both parties and seriously stymies his 2012 prospects.

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