Chris Matthews Warns America About Mike Huckabee

by Mike on February 24, 2011

in Election 2012,Media Bias,Politics

I don’t know what America would do without Chris Matthews.  A few weeks ago, he informed the uneducated plebs that the Panama Canal is in Egypt.  Last night, he did the country an even greater service by warning about the nefarious intentions of one of the potential Republican presidential candidates.  Apparently, Mike Huckabee supports ethnic cleansing.

I freely admit that I was always skeptical about Huckabee because of his soft approach to crime, his tendency to support nanny state regulations, and sympathy for illegal aliens.  But I never knew the guy supported genocide! Imagine if that helpful piece of information had slipped under the radar.

Thank God we have a genius like Chris Matthews around to educate us and to warn us about who the crazy people are.

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