Democrats Receptive to Boehner’s Proposal to Avoid Government Shutdown

by Mike on February 26, 2011

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The Republicans promised during the last campaign that they would stop the President’s runaway spending.  Part of that was a down payment of $100 billion in spending cuts during their first year in charge.  Predictably, the GOP backed off that initial number by pushing for a pro rata reduction of $60 billion.  Even more predictably, the Democrats in charge of the Senate and White House screamed bloody murder and threatened to shut down the government.  For some reason, they still seem to think we are living in 1995.  And the Republicans are the stupid party, right?  Well, maybe not.

The Democrats were planning to use the proposed $60 billion in spending cuts as  an excuse to shut down the government and blame Republicans.  But according to the gossip website, Politico, the Democrats seem receptive to Speaker Boehner’s proposal to pass a two week continuing resolution in exchange for $4 billion in spending cuts.  In the event future continuing resolutions are necessary, Boehner plans to insist on an additional $2 billion in cuts for every week covered by a continuing resolution.  Multiply $2billion by every week in a year, and all of sudden you have a real down payment on spending cuts.

As for the politics of it, Gabriel Malor over at Ace of Spades sums it up perfectly:

The Democrats thought they were maneuvering Republicans into the hot seat. Instead, they were making their own position harder to maintain. If a shutdown really is as awful as they were making it sound, then they have an even greater responsibility to see that it is avoided. Along comes Speaker Boehner with a reasonable offer and, as Poltico noted, the threats of shutdown disappeared.

And finally, this sets an excellent precedent going forward. If they approved $2 billion in cuts last week, why not another $2 billion this week? And next week? It gets harder to say, “well, the last $2 billion was reasonable, but this next $2 billion is just impossible.” Democrats just lost the budget fight.

Spending cuts implemented in increments too tiny for the democrats to whine about.  Harry Reid may have just been outsmarted by the stupid party.

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