Huckabee’s Gaffe May Sink 2012 Run

by Ryan on March 2, 2011

in Election 2012,Media,Politics

Potential 2012 GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee repeatedly told the Steve Malzberg Show audience that Obama grew up in Kenya, rather than Indonesia, but went further by creating a narrative about an anti-British sentiment Obama demonstrates as a result (fyi: Indonesia was under Dutch not British control).

Gaffe?  Sure.  Bad gaffe?  Potentially.  In fact, I’m wondering if Huckabee inadvertently just took himself out of a probable 2012 run.  This is not a “57-states” kind of gaffe.  Heck, in heated political environments something like the silly “macaca”-gaffe helped ruin George Allen’s 2006 Senate run in Virginia, which would have certainly propelled him to serious contender status in the 2008 GOP race.

A Newt, Christie, Palin, Romney, Daniels, or even (yawn) Pawlenty, would tear Huckabee to shreds as either ignorant or fringe:  if he can’t get Obama’s well-known biography correct, while at the same time constructing a false narrative around that mistake, wouldn’t you nail him on it?  Of course, all the potential competition have their own baggage too.  But, I do think this incident will haunt Huckabee if a 2012 run is in his future.

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