Obama: Tea Party has a “Subterranean” Racist Agenda

by Ryan on March 3, 2011

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Kenneth T. Walsh has a new book coming out which looks at the presidents and blacks in the White House.  In it he had an interview with President Obama in May of 2010, where Obama admitted agreeing with the idea that the Tea Party wanted to “take back” America partially because they were afraid of having a black President.  Obama also agreed that his opposition definitely had a racially biased “subterranean agenda,” which infers his belief in embedded racism in the movement. Way to elevate, Mr. President.

Looking at the latest polls today, 54% of the public disapprove of Obama’s performance.  Are they guilty of “subterranean” racism, too?    It’s well known that crying “racism” when people vocally oppose your political agenda clearly signals that you’ve lost the argument.  Six-months after this interview, the public confirmed that the President and crew had been losing the argument.

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