RomneyCare’s Long Shadow

by Ryan on March 6, 2011

in Election 2012,Health Care,Politics

Yesterday, Mitt Romney addressed the number one problem he has among 2012 GOP primary voters:  his implementation of universal health care in Massachusetts, aka “RomneyCare”.  Well, he kind of addressed it.  He pointed out that some of RomneyCare was good, some bad, but he’d never support an ObamaCare one-size-fits-all approach to all 50 states and believes that law should be repealed — a classic 10th Amendment stance.

As the heir-apparent to the GOP nomination, however, this issue will likely be Romney’s fatal flaw.  Democrats, including Obama and MA Governor Deval Patrick, just love to cite RomneyCare as a suitable model for health care reform (though it has been predictably too expensive and failing badly).  On the other hand, Republican’s love to harangue Romney over RomneyCare in an attempt to marginalize him to GOP primary voters while bringing up a truly important issue:  despite his rhetoric, in the end Romney erred in the side of big government as the solution.  Romney’s got lots of  ‘splainin’ to do and will be smacked around from both sides of the debate.  Not a great way to start a potential run for President.

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