Wisconsin Senate Repubicans Finally Pass the Bill

by Ryan on March 10, 2011

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Last night, Wisconsin Senate Republicans cleverly severed then passed that controversial budget-repair bill.  Predictably, the unions aren’t happy, especially since the protesters were asked to leave the Capitol!  That’s the problem when restless kiddies don’t have adult supervision.

The Senate Dems on hiatus were also upset.  One Senator made this point:

“It’s a charade. It’s a mockery of our democratic process, and if it happens the way I think it’s going to, it amounts to nothing more than a public hanging of public employees on the Capitol square.”

Yes, a Wisconsin State Senator who has physically fled the state and has remained there three weeks later to prevent a vote is suddenly upset that the process being made “a mockery of”.  Priceless.  If the Dems didn’t like the way this thing went down, they should have raised objections on the floor — but that’s right, they aren’t even in the state!

What’s that?  Oh, that’s the world’s smallest violin playing the world’s saddest song.  It’s about time the Republicans in Wisconsin finally acted to thwart the Dems’ endless obstruction.

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