Daylight Savings Time, Briefly

by Ryan on March 14, 2011

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I love the idea of having more sunshine later in the day.  I also love the idea of getting an extra hour of sleep in the Fall.  That being said, the Spring trade-off is terrible!  I’m not alone in this sentiment, either.  The transition from standard to daylight savings time always messes with me the most — my stomach’s off, my brain is off for at least a week, my productivity suffers at work, the morning drive is beyond hazardous, etc.  There was no “spring ahead” in anyone’s step this morning.

Plus, I got used to the whole April/October-thing we did most of our lives until in an attempt to save a pittance on oil, Dubya had the bright idea of moving daylight time back into March and ahead into November.  Not cool.  “O’Dark 30” feels worse on this day than any other.  But, at least it won’t get dark until near 7pm tonight.  That’s something.

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