Boehner’s Failure on the Budget

by Ryan on March 15, 2011

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The words “hero” and “courage” are sometimes overused nowadays.  Neither of these words will refer to House Speaker John Boehner in this post.  The continuing resolution passed by the House 271-158 keeps the federal government running for another three weeks cutting $6 billion from the budget (I’d love to know from where!) over that time so that more “negotiations” can take place.

Ha!  The Dems will just blame the Republicans for whatever happens anyway!  The Dems raise a stink over $6 billion in cuts — we have a $1.65 trillion deficit! The Dems are obviously not serious about fixing our problems.

So, are any government workers getting furloughed in the meantime?  Is ObamaCare still being funded?  How many GOP freshmen voted for this complete dodge of the true “confrontation”, as Rep. Alan West says?

Fifty-four Republicans told Boehner to stick it — had the vote been taken later this week it wouldn’t have passed!  “Speaker” Boehner was hemorrhaging votes.  He only has that title because of the Tea Party and is playing a very dangerous game by avoiding the more important issue of the day.  So, today, Alan West showed his moxie; Speaker Boehner demonstrated political cowardice.

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