Brackets Around Obama

by Ryan on March 16, 2011

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With March Madness really starting tomorrow, NCAA Men’s Basketball brackets are filling up all over the nation!  Not to seem uncool to the college kids, President Obama has his all filled out — way to go Mr. President, an all #1 Final Four!  That’s about as brave a pick as anything he’s done as President.

It seems, though, that there may be sound-proof brackets actually around the President.  Though, I’m sure there’s a nuanced subtext behind his punting on the budget crisis, his acquiescence to events on the ground in Libya, the subsequent oil shocks, his fumbling on the impending Japanese nuclear disaster (that gets piggy-backed though), his multiple golf trips and vacations, etc.  It seems more likely that what’s really happening is that a picture Obama’s administrating style is becoming clear — let things take care of themselves, he has golf to play, to fill-out brackets, and plan trips to Rio!

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Karol Kibbie March 16, 2011 at 6:37 pm

Wow. The President actually committed to something?

Guess you can’t vote “present” when you’re betting engaged in March Madness.


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