Air Strikes Against Libya

by Ryan on March 20, 2011

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About a month after the slaughter began in Libya by dictator Muammar Qaddafi against anti-government factions, the UN finally decided to take some meaningful action last Thursday evening allowing a no-fly zone to be put into place.  So, yesterday American and British forces shot 114 tomahawk missiles at strategic locations in Libya in order to make the skies safe for the no-fly zone to be enforced:

I have mixed feelings about all of this.

This either should never have happened, or happened weeks ago:  the timing seems consistent with creating most chaos, strife, and death this conflict could produce.  Done weeks ago, this act could have ended the troubles quickly.  If nothing was done, it would have ended pretty soon as well.  Now, it’s likely to drag on much longer than if we did nothing.

Qaddafi is a monster and should by all means lose his head.  That being said, we still have no real idea what the Arab Muslim view of “democracy” will morph into once these revolutions predictably start “devouring their own children” as nearly all revolutions do.  In a warped way, a Qaddafi victory would slow the pace of Mideast turmoil and get the mobs in the streets to appoint real leaders, think through their actions, and have a plan of attack which includes a plan for the day after the revolution.

These UN actions have now all but determined what the outcome will be:  Qaddafi will likely lose the fight one way or another, and the mob will win.  Is this act a good thing given the state of the Mideast at this moment in history?  Maybe.  I’d like to hope so.

Just a thought: eight years ago, on March 19, 2003, President Bush announced combat operations had begun in Iraq.  Makes you think…

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