Who’s Leading in Libya?

by Ryan on March 22, 2011

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So, who is leading the efforts in Libya nowadays?  Well, President Obama said only hours ago that he has already pledged to get out of the way to accommodate a NATO-led mission.  However, Turkey’s stymieing NATO’s official involvement due to Turkey’s sensitivity to the Muslims in the region.  The bombs are dropping, but we can’t decide if Qaddafi is even a target!  As far as I can tell, the French seem to be the ones in charge, but how long will that last with Germany and Russia opposing military involvement in the first place?  What a mess — I’m sensing mission creep after four days for God’s sake!

Also, the military campaign has already cost about $225 million in only four days, plus a downed F-15, plus logistical costs.  In perhaps a prescient metaphor, the plane went down because of mechanical issues rather than enemy fire.  Pretty soon the whopping $6 billion in Republican cuts will be dropped over a mix of old tanks, crappy planes, archaic anti-aircraft guns, some bad guys and unfortunate civilians, along with lots and lots of sand.

In short, Obama’s foreign policy:  when the 3am phone call comes, hang-up;  when the alarm sounds, press snooze or get up and plan a golf trip.

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