Depressed? It Might Be Facebook’s Fault!

by Ryan on March 28, 2011

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I was not surprised to read an article this morning about how “Facebook Depression” is a growing concern amongst today’s youth and that parents need to look for the signs.  Not only do Millennials have to worry about the impending (and laughable) “Quarter-life Crisis“, but now there’s a pre-teen/teen crisis (possibly) caused by Facebook lurking out there in the placid primeval forest that was the social networking landscape.


How about this:  Facebook doesn’t cause teen depression — a sedentary computer-centered anti-social existence possibly coupled with a chemical imbalance does.  Just a thought.

Though, if Facebook is the new “corner store”, shouldn’t a parent make it their business about what their kids are doing at that “store”?  Nah! It’s easier to blame something else, which is where stories like this seem to end up.  I know that to most Millennials saying “go out and play” will find most of them awkwardly standing in middle of the backyard in the same spot texting a friend who lives next door until it gets too cold or their legs get tired.  But you gotta love the media:  here’s new thing that could hurt your kids, but it might not be a real problem.

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