Snooki, the New Face of Rutgers

by Ryan on April 1, 2011

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Last night, Jersey Shore‘s “Snooki” made an appearance at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.  Since I live and work in the same county, this got quite a buzz today around the water cooler, especially since she cost the university about $32,000 from their mandatory student activity fees!  Commencement speaker (and Pulitzer-prize winning author) Toni Morrison will speak at RU for a mere $30k in May.

Is this just the market at work in New Jersey or a symptom of how college has really become a glorified 13th grade on mommy and daddy’s dime for so many?  Hmm… Why choose — it’s probably a little of both!  The college can do what the students want with the student’s money.  But, you should have heard some Rutger’s alums today panning their alma mater!  I think they’re just jealous.

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