Vouchers Upheld by SCOTUS

by Ryan on April 4, 2011

in Culture,Education,Law,Politics,Religion

The anti-religious folks got a bit of a pounding today as the Supreme Court upheld an Arizona school voucher program.  I’ll give you one guess what the vote was… 5-4 you say?  You betcha!

The program in question allows a parent to use a $500 tax credit/voucher to send their kids to a private or religious school if they so choose.  Private school, public money?  Run to the hills!  The Establishment Clause is on fire!

However, the court found that since the voucher is available to use on any type of school, it’s kosher; and just because one doesn’t like a tax one still does, in fact, have to pay it (there are plenty of things I don’t like paying for, but here we are).  Justice Kennedy wrote the majority’s opinion, followed by Justice Kagan’s first dissent, which was promptly smacked down by Scalia.

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