Glenn Beck to Leave Fox Full-time

by Ryan on April 7, 2011

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Yesterday, Beck addressed his audience regarding the rumors about him leaving Fox News.  Here’s the link of the announcement in his own words.  Some people are sad, some are reveling in it.  In the meantime, Beck should still be on live at 5pm for a few more months.

While the occasional crying, the periods of incessant ACORN stories, and his penchant for “correlation = causation” theories could get me to turn the dial rather quickly, most of the time I really appreciate what Beck is doing.

I love how Beck forgoes the first scheduled commercial break to indulge in in-depth analysis of the point he’s making or the guests he’s interviewing.  The books he recommends are nearly always awesome.  Plus, he observes the banner conservative media trademark:  he asks probing questions the MSM chooses to ignore;  he wraps himself up in the available facts;  and he tends to use people’s own words and actions to bolster his point.

Fox had financial reasons to let Beck go and Beck seems ready to move on anyway, but tell when Fox (or any other cable news outlet) has EVER had this much success at 5pm!  I’d hate to be the one to have to fill Beck’s shoes when the time comes.

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