Boehner Pulls a Fast One on His Supporters

by Mike on April 12, 2011

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When the news fist broke that Obama and the Republicans reached a deal to avoid a government shutdown, it wasn’t that exciting.  After all, $38 billion in cuts is insignificant when measured against the massive spending increases our country endured under Presidents Obama and Bush and our federal deficit of well north of a trillion.  That’s not to say conservatives should have unrealistic expectations.  With Democrats in control of the White House and the Senate, it is not realistic to expect significant reductions in the size of government until at least after the next election.  For now, the Republicans simply need to prevent the President from increasing spending even further than he already has.

Because Washington math differs from what every other person on the planet considers as math, I scoured the internet to research the specifics on the $38 billion figure when the news first broke.  Was the $38 billion an actual cut, as in “our government will spend $38 billion less than last year?”  Was it a merely a number lower than what previous budgets projected current spending to be?  It couldn’t possibly be only $38 billion less than our spendaholic in chief wanted?  No matter how hard I looked, I could not find the actual level of spending in fiscal year 2011.  Well, others now have, and it’s worse than I thought.

Under the deal between Obama and Boehner, the federal government will spend a total of $3.75 trillion dollars in fiscal year 2011, about $773 billion more than in fiscal year 2008.  That’s roughly the size of the stimulus monstrosity Obama signed shortly after taking office.  When you compare the spending levels under the Obama-Boehner deal to last year’s spending (PDF file, go to p. 2 for the numbers), federal spending increases by about $300 billion from last year.  The bottom line is that the deal didn’t cut a dime.  It increased the size of government even further, just a little less than Obama wanted.   The effect of the deal is that the Republican leadership just agreed to lock in “stimulus” spending levels as the new baseline, basically a new stimulus package every year from now to eternity.

To make matters worse, even the $38 billion dollar figure is a sham.  Included in that figure are the elimination of czars that were going to be eliminated anyway and unspent money from last year’s census.

One of the reasons we conservatives support Republicans is because they advocate smaller government and lower spending.  We did not oppose Obama’s spending plans simply because he is a Democrat; we opposed them because we oppose the growth of government.  That position on spending will not change simply because the people proposing more government have an “R” next to their names.  Republican leaders still don’t get it.  Let’s see if the newbies can stop this deal in its tracks by voting “no.”

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