Dick Durbin’s Internet Tax Scheme

by Ryan on April 12, 2011

in Economy,Politics

If Senate Democrat hearts don’t stop bleeding soon, I’m going to call a doctor!  The Dems are positioning themselves as the champions of Main Street for the upcoming debt-ceiling and budget battles.  So, Senator Dick Durbin is likely going to introduce an Internet tax in order to protect “Main Street bricks-and-mortar businesses”.  His “Main Street Fairness” Bill (has another kind of ring to it, doesn’t it?) would close the loophole some states have where commerce over the Internet is not taxed consistently.

Nearly all states already have a sales tax, don’t they?  If one state doesn’t, then good for them — move either yourself or your company there!  Durbin’s hidebound tax grubbing speaks to his commonly held DC view that the US economy is merely a pool to draw resources into the government’s perpetual slush fund used to finance never ending goodies to one’s favorite well-funded interest group.  Leave the Internet out of it — it’s one of the last places where freedom still kind of exists!

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