A Newer, Leaner Terror Alert System

by Ryan on April 20, 2011

in War on Terror

Homeland Security head, Janet Napolitano, was at Grand Central Station today to unveil a new terror alert system to replace the old color-coded one.  It should be up and running by the end of the week.

Uh oh!  But, I thought “terror” ended when Bush left office!  Oh well (shrug).

I didn’t really warm to the color-coded system, but am also not sure I’m going to like this new system, which essentially breaks down like this:

Level 1:  “Elevated Threat” –  translation:  sh*t

Level 2:  “Imminent Threat” — translation:  holy sh*t

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Southern Man April 21, 2011 at 12:11 pm

So,there’s always a threat. We have always been at war with terror.


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