Embrace the Age of China to Our Collective Peril

by Ryan on April 25, 2011

in Economy,International Relations

It seems lately like some are cheering for the eventual end of American economic hegemony, getting enthused for the “new world order” which is to come with the growth of Red China in concert with America’s self-inflicted economic decline.  Today’s marquee piece on Drudge takes a more realistic tone than some because it gets real about it.  The key point the above link is this:

“We have lived in a world dominated by the U.S. for so long that there is no longer anyone alive who remembers anything else. America overtook Great Britain as the world’s leading economic power in the 1890s and never looked back.

And both those countries live under very similar rules of constitutional government, respect for civil liberties and the rights of property. China has none of those. The Age of China will feel very different.”

China’s “state capitalism” (more like national socialism) is more totalitarian and dubious than most rosy analysts want to admit.  China’s won’t be the American-style “benign hegemony” but a more predatory approach;  like a remnant of a by-gone imperialist age it will absorb the weak into its statist clutches.

Also, did you read about Easter over in China?  Coming soon to a Chinese “colony” near you!  Sadly, it’s looking more likely than not that we are on a trajectory to live in a less free world in 2100 than we had in 2000.  Ultimately, that is the price of a declining America.

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