The Jury Will Disregard those Remarks. No, Really.

by Mike on April 26, 2011

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This piece of politically correct lunacy comes to us from the UK, but it can’t be too long before some liberal tries to introduce it here.  The government agency charged with running the court system is now issuing jury summonses in seven different languages to provide people who cannot read the English language with an opportunity to serve on juries, even in criminal cases.

It’s annoying enough when every trip to the ATM and every call to a customer service department takes a few seconds longer because you have to tell the automated systems that you speak English in your own country, but that is a mere inconvenience.  Imagine being hauled before a jury and making an excellent case that the government couldn’t prove its charges against you or even that you are innocent, only to have a guilty verdict come back because some of the jurors didn’t have a command of the language.

Political correctness is usually more annoying than anything else.  When the effects of bending over backwards to be inclusive undermines the institutions that keep us free, it may be a sign that we’re going too far.  Kind of puts “press 1 for English” into perspective, but I’ll still complain about that too.

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Rightonoz April 28, 2011 at 4:29 am

Same problem here. Give them a licence without the ability to understand the English road rules &signs


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