Today’s Royal Wedding

by Ryan on April 29, 2011

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What a tailor-made Friday fluff piece!

When I got teased this morning for catching a bit of the Royal Wedding before class, I merely stated that sometimes I can be a pop culture whore.  That being said I’m not obsessed with the monarchy or taking my focus off the big issues or anything like that, I just wanted to see what an estimated 2 billion people were watching this morning.  Here’s the wedding highlights in two-minutes:

I must say:  if you don’t think Kate is one fit bird, then bollocks!  Brilliant, Will.  Brilliant.

But, why the draw?  Plainly, the Brits do pomp very well.  William and Kate seem like a high-profile couple who actually like each other.  Also, there’s the whole class element involved with Kate being a “commoner” and all.  Plus, a positive fluff story playing out on a grand scale is sometimes a welcome relief from the incessantly depressing national and world headlines.

All that and Queen Elizabeth looked like a Peep.

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