The Bin Laden Photo Problem

by Ryan on May 3, 2011

in Media Bias,Politics,War on Terror

Obama will enjoy his bounce, as he should.  It’s a great story with lots of heroism and such a satisfying ending.  But here, I’m not going to go into depth regarding the actual details of the mission, firefight, or double tap which delivered Bin Laden to hell because quite frankly, it’s too soon and the story seems to keep changing.

Regardless of that, release the damn photo because frankly if there are any on-the-fence Muslims 10 years into the War on Terror, they have issues anyway!  Plus, gruesome or not, we can take it.  For some, it may even provide some closure.  There are rumors at the moment that they will release the pics, but this prolonged mulling seems totally unnecessary.

Also, echoing two points many have asked today:

If the Obama Administration knew Bin Laden’s whereabouts last August and had a plan being prepared as early as February, why hadn’t anyone thought of what to do 1) with the pictures of the operation, or 2) about Pakistan’s potential response?  These seem like simple and practical things to anticipate given the time frame, but the Administration seems slow and confused.  I just don’t think these kinds of problems should not exist 30 months into one’s presidency.

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