Obama: No on Photo

by Ryan on May 4, 2011

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With all the confusion and contradictory statements coming from the Obama Nation, it’s hard to get a grasp on what’s really going on.  However, the President made it clear to CBS News that he will not publicly release pictures of the dead Bin Laden.  Obama doesn’t want to “spike the football” and gloat, but is nonetheless going to Ground Zero tomorrow to effectively do just that — at least that’s how those photos will be used.

This reluctance to release the photos bugs me on two levels:

First, I’d like to remind Dear Leader that we, as a nation and with our allies, paid for those pictures in incalculable ways since at least 1998.  The pain, suffering, and deaths of many thousands of soldiers and civilians along with trillions of dollars went into that final act.  I just want a photo.

Second, it also bothers me that such a condescending ruling class patrician attitude is emanating from our Washington leaders and functionaries.  Looking down their noses at we the plebs, their attitude seems to be “Oh WE’VE seen the pictures and take OUR word for it — they’re bad and you don’t need to see them.”

Jihadists and their ilk will kill people over a cartoon.  They will kill people for showing too much skin in public.  They will kill people if we release the Bin Laden photos.  They kill people.  We should at least show them where that train of thought ends up.

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